Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Camera Operator

Atlanta, GA


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This broadcast quality system is an MPEG-2 based editing solution. Material can be digitized at a quality level essentially indistinguishable from the original tape. I currently use betacam SP machines, which look great, and silver. itself is capable of DigiBeta quality. I’ve added a Sony 1500 DVCAM editing recorder – this deck handles miniDV, DVCAM and DVCPRO 25, and the transfer to the silver edit system is SDI. This means the 4:1:1 sampling rate of DV is converted to 4:2:2, which translates as much better keying and effects because of the bump in quality.


Many transitions are real-time, and for those complex sections that require rendering silver has a great feature – intelligent background rendering. We continue to work in the foreground while the system renders in the background, making it possible to continue with the edit. I also have two InTime boards. These are rendering acceleration boards with 12 Phillips tri-media processors, cutting the rendering  time dramatically.


Unlimited tracks of any type, a great set of editing tools, and a number of effects packages complete the system. Why settle for the “industry standard” when you can have something better?